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2016 Patch


Arrival Procedures

Flying in the Display


Chipmunk 70th
Old Warden

(updated 2016-07-07)

All week - Restoration Square
Mon -       War Birds In Review
Tue -        General 'Liaison/Trainer' Display
Wed -       Chipmunk Showcase Display
Wed -       RAF 602 Sqdn Pub Night
Thu -        Annual de Havilland Dinner
Fri -          de Havilland Forum
Sat -         Awards Dinner

Other non-scheduled events:
Aircrew 'Ready Room' / Chipmunk HQ
                      (Sponsored by Polyfiber)
Warbird Judging & Awards

 All week, all day - Restoration Square

There will Chipmunks displayed in the grass area known as Restoration Square (see Arrivals) - Dave Harris' WG431 on Monday 25th ands Steve Buchelt's 18010 on Thursday 28th.  It is quite likely that others would be welcomed on other days, so if you want to have your aircraft in Restoration Square, please contact me: (

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Monday 25th - War Birds In Review, 10:00

Warbird Plaza, 10:00

This will be a chance to give AirVenture visitors a brief history of the Chipmunk, punctuated by four examples of the type, each being presented by their owners, with a little bit of their own history to tell.  The four will be:

    Canadian production example:               RCAF 18048 - owned by Harry Schoning;

    British production example:                    RAF WP833 - owned by Richard Wilsher
                                                                                        (see EAA Warbirds, Dec 2015);

    Portuguese production example:           FAP 1366 - owned by William Sleeper;

    'Super Chipmunk' conversion example: N7DW          - owned by Mark Meredith
                                                       (see EAA Sport Aerobatics & AOPA Pilot, Feb 2016);

There will be a 15 min Q&A session at the end.  No hecklers, please.

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Tuesday 26th - General 'Liaison/Trainer' Display, 14:30 (approx)

Those who meet the requirements set by EAA (see Flying Display) can participate in the afternoon's flying program, BUT PLEASE NOTE THE STRICT REQUIREMENTS FOR BRIEFING ATTENDANCE.

The First Timers' Briefing will be held this morning.
An Air Show Pilot Briefing will also be held for those flying in today's Air Show.

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Wednesday 27th - Chipmunk Showcase Display, 14:30 (approx)

Those who meet the requirements set by EAA (see Flying Display) can participate in the afternoon's flying program, BUT AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE THE STRICT REQUIREMENTS FOR BRIEFING ATTENDANCE.

The timing of this is now CONFIRMED as being scheduled for Wednesday.

An Air Show Pilot Briefing will be held for those flying in today's Showcase, and probably a Chippie-specific briefing and debrief.

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Wednesday 27th - RAF 602 Sqdn Pub Night, from 17:00

Mike Pope, a.k.a. 'The Vicar' (no cigars for that one!), owner/pilot of Chipmunk WP797, and his colleagues in RAF 602 Squadron (Re-enacted) have extended an invitation to all Chipmunk crew, families and friends, to imbibe at their portable pub, the 'Red Lion', located in the living history encampment, between the Chipmunks and the Mustangs.  ID is probably not required on this occasion! 

There will also be a night Air Show, 20:00 - 22:00.

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Thursday 28th - 2016 Annual de Havilland US Moth and Chipmunk Club Dinner,
                                    18:30 Bar – 19:30 Dinner 

Once again during Oshkosh/AirVenture, de Havilland fans worldwide and all interested guests will gather for the annual US Moth and Chipmunk Club Dinner.

We are delighted to announce a return to the fabulous Algoma Club, which is located at
107 Algoma Boulevard, Oshkosh.

We will meet and dine upstairs in the ornate and stately Algoma Room, built in 1884, and the former meeting place of the International Order of Oddfellows... a locale uniquely appropriate to our eclectic assembly.

No membership in this or any other club required.  All welcome to attend.

We will have two door-prizes, each to be presented by their donors.

Chris Winter of NavStrobe Lighting Ltd. will donate four LED units.  These are a non-TSO-ed push-fit replacement for the incandescent bayonet bulbs customarily installed on Chipmunks and other aircraft utilizing the same nav light (and landing light) installations (e.g. Auster, Spitfire, Mosquito, Lancaster, if you have any of those).  With these, those who exhibit crepuscular tendencies can actually be seen when flying at such times!  For details of these LEDs, click on the logo below.

Our second prize, offered by Scott Fisher, owner of Gift Of Wings, will be a gift certificate for a 1/24th-scale museum-quality model airplane, hand-carved in mahogany, including a clear canopy and interior details. The model will be custom-made to replicate the (single-engined) airplane of your choice. If you have your plane on the field you can arrange with Scott to have photos taken of it during AirVenture. For details of Scott’s models, click on the link below.

A grand evening is guaranteed (by Steve).

RSVP (well in advance, please, to allow the venue to be properly organized and sufficient food prepared)  to:  Steve Betzler

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Friday 29th - de Havilland Forum, Forum Stage 1, 10:00 - 11:15

We will have a one-hour slot at Forum Stage 1 (see map here)  for topic-specific discussions and presentations.  We have some ideas but are open to suggestions:  have you an interesting story to tell that will inform other Moth, Chipmunk, GM owners?  Have you maintenance experience that is worth sharing?  Do you need help and just want to throw a question at the crowd?

 Topics presently being considered are:

    GM oil separator being trialed in the UK;
    Replacing DHC-1 main alighting gear piston tubes as 'owner-manufactured parts';
    Tiger Moth nose cowls - in real aluminum (which is close to the original aluminium)!
    DHC-1 spinner attachments - a cautionary tale.

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Saturday 30th - Awards Dinner, 18:00, EAA Eagle Hangar

The Awards Dinner is the occasion on which winners of awards recommended by EAA's panel of judges are bestowed upon the owners/pilots of the winning aircraft in the various categories.  See below for details of how to aspire to be one of those winners.

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Non-scheduled events

Aircrew 'Ready Room' / Chippies to Oshkosh HQ

Polyfiber has been generous enough to sponsor a marquee as 'Chippies to Oshkosh HQ', where we can rest, brief, trade stories (lies are OK, after beer), sell some patches, maybe trade spares?  I heard someone has a set of BTH mags to sell.  Who was that?  Anyone looking for a complete Lucas wiring loom - smoke effects included??


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Warbird Judging & Awards

Any Chipmunk in military scheme is eligible for entry in the Warbirds award category, with a chance to win Judges' Choice, Best of Class, Reserve Grand Champion or Grand Champion titles.

Sign-up takes place at the Warbirds Registration window, the same place that you will register your aircraft after landing (see 'Arrival Procedures').  Review the EAA Official Judging Standards Manual - you're only concerned with the Forward and the Warbird section.  A minimum of three aircraft of a particular type are required to sign up for judging to create a specific class, so we qualify for a 'Best Chipmunk' award  - if we can't manage that, forget any plans for the 75th Anniversary!

Start polishing, and recording your aircraft's restoration history.

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