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Chipmunks to OshKOSH 2016 Registration

To register an aircraft as a likely participant at Osh 2016 you need to be signed-up - the sign-up page has provision for providing brief details of the aircraft and the pilot if (s)he is not yourslef.

When you originally signed-up you received a confirmation email which you were advised to save.  Find that email, follow the 'subscribe me' link and then the 'manage your preferences' link - there you can add the additional fields.  If you can't find that mail just reply to any message from the list with 'REGISTRATION' in the subject line and provide:  the aircraft original serial number or registration (preferred) or the legal civil registration number; the name of the intended pilot if it will not be the same as the subscriber; a mobile phone number; your expected point of origin when heading inbound to Oshkosh.

By registering you agree that your aircraft's identity, the owner's (and if different the pilot's) name and your point of origin may be published on the Participation page of this web site.  Your mobile number may also be shared with other pilots but only between that group - it will not be published on this web site.

Note - your registration will be validated prior to the Participation page being updated, so your patience will be appreciated.


Thanks for registering - keep an eye on the Participation page to see who else is planning to be on the field.

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