Chipmunks to OshKOSH 2016:   July 25 - 31:   Join the slick!               Get your 2016 patch here.
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2016 Patch


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Chipmunk 70th
Old Warden

Chipmunks to OshKOSH 2016 Patch

The 2016 patch is now in production!  Here it is -

Those of you familiar with the five-year old design (the derivation of which is explained below) will note a change of text and background colors.  This has been done to adopt the clean design of the patch designed for the Old Warden gathering but using our own design plus the '70th' overlay.

Patches will be ready for dispatch in three week's time and can be yours for $5 each.  They come with or without a Velcro back, and will be provided on a first-come first-served basis.  If you want to arrive in style and therefore need them before Oshkosh they can be dispatched as soon as they are available if you wish to reimburse the P&P, which will be added simply at cost.

To order, send an email to RGW_WP833 @@@, stating your desired quantity, whether or not Velcro-backed (or whatever mix you desire), and a postal address if delivery before AirVenture is required - collection on the flight-line is the default.  As noted above, P&P will be added at cost.

The  patch derives from the first organized Chipmunk gathering at Oshkosh, in 2010.  All credit to Carol de Solla Atkin for organizing it.  Then she passed the reins to me and has since complained (but nicely) that I'd never managed to get as many airplanes on the field as she did.  Maybe this year, with your help,  I can be vindicated.

The nine planes present in 2010 are depicted in the order in which six flew a Chipmunk Showcase, plus the other three that were on the field.  At least seven of these planes and six of the pilots are expected to be on the field this year.


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