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Chipmunk 70th
Old Warden

  2016-05-22 @ EGTH: The Chipmunk's 70th Fly-in


     This was a 'not-to-be-missed' event ... if you could make it!

    Attending aircraft (there were 47 on the field with two from the '70' formation recovering elsewhere), included both the oldest flying Chipmunk, seen below 2016-05-19 at her temporary UK base, Finmere, Bucks.,

and the youngest, OGMA 1373, seen here at Old Warden.

    But the day can probably be best appreciated by looking at these videos by Peter Baughan:
Short version (10 mins) -
Extended version (19 mins) -

    It is very unlikely that we will have that many aircraft on the field at Oshkosh, but here's a thought - there were 19 Chipmunks in that '70' formation, including the 'Vic' in trail. If we could get just twenty airplanes up for the Chipmunk Showcase, we could beat that total and possibly claim a record for the number of Chipmunks in the air simultaneously, at a single event.

    Anyone game? If so, go straight to the Flying Display page and see what you need to do to be able to fly in the display. Note - NO FAST card required for this!




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