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Arrival Procedures

Flying in the Display


Chipmunk 70th
Old Warden

Chipmunk Arrival Procedures
(updated 2016-06-15)

Warbird parking
Warbird Ground comms
Fuel & Smoke-Oil

Arrival at KOSH, runway 36L, 2010-07-25      


This web page is intended to offer general guidance for your arrival into Oshkosh.  It is NOT intended to over-ride or counter anything in the NOTAM, anything else published by the EAA or FAA, or directions given by EAA Flight-Line Operations marshallers on the ground.  However, this is how we think it is going to work.

And this is only intended for general guidance once on the ground.  Up to that point, all you need to know is in the previously-referenced NOTAM. 

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Warbird (WB) parking

Those who have seen a Chipmunk in Warbirds parking anytime over the last six years (we had NINE there in 2010) will have a general idea of where we're going to be, but there will be some changes this year.  For a start, with an estimated 25 - 30 Chipmunks arriving, we'll need a bit more space, and three rows have been allocated.

After vacating your assigned landing runway you should display a prominent 'WB' sign (per previously-referenced NOTAM) to indicate to Flight-Line marshallers where you need to be sent, which will initially be to the WB North Gate.  The image below indicates this gate and the (red-bordered) Chipmunk parking area, the (blue-bordered) area where our 'Ready' Room (tent) will be located, and the (yellow-bordered) Restoration Square.  You should be met at the North Gate by our friendly and wonderful WB marshallers who will become your friends during the week, if they're not already.  In the event that there is no WB marshaller to guide you through the Warbirds area you are recommended to call WB Ground to let them know you're at the entrance.  WB Ground may also call you, if the need arises.

Only if you get no attention from WB Ground or any marshallers should you proceed on your own, with the utmost caution, to find the Chipmunks parking, but such an instance should be extremely unlikely to occur.

Bear in mind that this is just a general indication of the layout, and furthermore, this area will be filling (and milling) with other warbirds when you arrive, so it will not be a straight taxi across the grass.  The photographs below give another perspective of this area (using the same color-coding) when there are warbirds already in their places - including three Chipmunks!!

The WB marshalling crew know what Chipmunks look like and will know where they're to park them, but please don't try to tell them where you want to be placed.  They've got simple guidelines:  if the cowl doesn't have that graceful Gipsy Major profile, it must be a 'Super';  otherwise, if it's yellow or has a bubble canopy or sports a Canadian flag, it gets parked with the RCAF ones;  anything else is by default a British- or Portuguese-built stock model.  (And yes, Warbirds will be open to ALL Chipmunks in order to keep us all together: stock, supers, warbird, civilian, even radial!!).  If we need to do any shuffling once things have settled, we can.

PLEASE NOTE - you are REQUIRED to provide your own tie-downs for your aircraft. See here.

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WB Ground Communications

At any time that you are talking to an FAA Air Traffic Control facility you should use whatever phraseology you customarily use.  However, once clear of the runway and under the control of EAA WB marshallers (green/yellow t-shirts) please observe the following guidelines, which have been agreed with the WB ground crew.

Warbirds Ground frequency is 123.900.  Monitor this as you approach the North Gate inbound.  There should be no need to use the radio, but monitoring will allow you to be contacted if necessary.

All Chipmunks should use the call-sign 'Chipmunk ##', with '##' being the most prominent marking on your aircraft, therefore for stock aircraft, not necessarily the 'N'-#.  E.g. Chippies in RAF marks should use the three digits of their RAF serial, RCAF the last three of their '18xxx' serial, etc.  Inbound you will almost certainly be spotted by marshallers and guided in.  This will facilitate visual identification of you and your aircraft. 

Outbound is a different matter:  Even during display times, when the WB ramp is hot and therefore closed to the public, if you want to move your aircraft under power DO NOT DO SO without a marshaller(s) present:  SAFETY FIRST.  Contact WB Ground and tell them you need marshalling out of the ramp and wait for someone to arrive (or flag down a WB marshaller and advise of your intentions), then fire-up and proceed under their direction.

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Fuel & Smoke-Oil

Pilots flying in the scheduled display or who plan to fly sorties out of the field during the week should get fuel and smoke oil as early as possible. Do not wait until just prior to the show or to when you "have to" fly.

On arrival you will be given tags to use when you require fuel and fuel trucks will be moving around the Warbirds parking area looking for these and fueling as necessary.  The fuel provider is working to have sufficient fuel trucks on the field but that does not assure you of fuel "on demand".

Specifically concerning smoke-oil, if you need this, contact WB Ground to have them direct the smoke oil Gator to your plane.  Please DO NOT call WB Ground for fuel.

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