Chipmunks to OshKOSH 2016:   July 25 - 31:   Join the slick!               Get your 2016 patch here.
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2016 Patch


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Chipmunk 70th
Old Warden

Welcome to the Chipmunks to OshKOSH home page

This domain and specifically this web site are operated to facilitate a bunch of pilots and family/friends who are stalwart enough to convey their beloved Chipmunks sometimes thousands of miles to join a gathering of like-minded sorts at EAA’s AirVenture.

2016 is the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the Chipmunk, and more is being anticipated than just a casual collection of a handful of examples. Learn all about that here.

I am your self-assigned maƮtre des operations, Richard Wilsher, owner of ex-RAF Chipmunk T.10, WP833. Please browse this site, and discover what has been planned for Chipmunks to OshKOSH 2016 and join the slick!

If you find something on this web site is wrong, or broken, or you need additional information, please provide feedback.


Chipmunks at Osh in 2010

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